The most famous festivals in Croatia

Thanks to its beautiful beaches, hot weather and amazing night life in the many casinos, bars and clubs where partying goes on all night and all day, Croatia has become popular festival hub. The unique locations such as sandy beaches, private bays, city lakes and old forts make the music festivals in Croatia to stand out. If you travel plans include Croatia, make sure you attend the following famous festivals and you can be sure that your holiday in Croatia will be amazing.

The Hideout festival

Only in its third years, the Hideout Festival is one the must go to festival for electronic music lovers. Set in the Island of Pag, with the beautiful mountainous backdrop, The Hideout Festival takes place in different arenas across Zrce Beach. While here, expect to see open air festivals that go on even after the sun goes down and pool parties that happen all day.

Sufficient accommodation is available in Novalja, a nearby town and there are regular shuttle buses that go between the two points all day. Novaljia itself is packed with restaurants, bars and other attractions. If you love house music, then this festival is a must attend. Read More …

The most famous Croatian traditional food

Though small in size, Croatian traditional dishes are spread across three climatic regions; Mediterranean, Continental and Alpine and have been shaped partly by the previous conquerors such as French, Italian, Ottomans and Austro Hungarians. Due to their popularity, they are eaten in homes, casinos and prepared in restaurants throughout the Country. If you are wondering what traditional delicacies await you upon visit Croatia, here are the most famous Croatian traditional food that you should try


You will certainly love this classic Dalmatian food. Brodet is served in most homes as well as restaurants which proves it popularity in Croatia.

It is mainly composed at least three types of fish, shelly fish and you can also add a few crustaceans. It has a great depth of flavor due to the variety of seafood used and it is usually served with creamy Polenta. Read More …

The best places to visit in Croatia

As one of the most popular beach destinations in Europe, Croatia is blessed with year round sun, stunning natural attractions not to mention the historic towns. From the widespread coastal cliffs to the rolling vineyards, here is an overview of the best places to visit in Croatia.

Krka National Park

Named after Krka River that flows right through it, Krka National Park is Croatia’s national gem. It is open all year round and it offers stunning mountainous landscapes and undisturbed natural beauty which can all be explored either by road, on foot or by boat.

The best thing about this park compared to other parks in Croatia is that visitors are allowed to swim in some areas and there is no greater pleasure than jumping in the clear, cool waters of Krka River on a hot day after hiking through the park.

For those who would prefer to remain on terra firma, Kraka Park has numerous features to see such as the Visovac Monastery and the Skrandinski Buk waterfalls.

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Top 7 casinos in Croatia

Casinos are getting bigger and better in Croatia. The number keeps increasing drastically with new and unique games becoming part of the staple. Fans of gambling have now a bigger range of options to choose from, which serves to expand the tent.

Here is a list of some of the top casinos located in Croatia;

Casino Adriatic and Grand Hotel Opatija

The first thing you will notice is the fabulous environment upon visiting the Casino Adriatic and Grand Hotel Opatija. The complex has amazing infrastructure both indoors and outdoors. You will be required to produce a valid national identity card before you are allowed in the casino. There are about 90 slots machines that casino lovers can enjoy. The machines found in the casino are traditional reels, video reels and video poker. Gamers can enjoy games like American roulette, Blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker and Punto Banco as well. The poker room is fitted with 7 tables where players can participate in cash games and tournaments. For the Cash games, players can enjoy Texas Hold ’Em as well as a tournament of the same game. The gambling age limit in the casino is 18 years and visitors advised to observe a casual dress code.

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